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Scrammer featured in The Paint Contractor magazine

Scrammer featured in The Paint Dealer magazine

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Wallace Tool Company delivers one of the toughest hand tools in any workmanís arsenal with the introduction of the Scrammerô. The Scrammerô is a combination of multiple high-use tools (scraper, hammer, and nail-puller) into a single tool. Itís one of a kind, solid, ergonomic design, makes it the most reliable scraping combination tool on the market.

The Scrammerô is light-weight, but ready to stand up to tough use. The tool head is made of 12-gauge, high carbon steel heat treated to the Rockwell c-scale hardness of 50. Itís tough! The scraper has a main 3'' blade, a smaller square side, and a pointed side perfect for a variety of scraping situations. The head of the tool has a large striking surface for hammering. Donít let the light-weight design fool you, the Scrammerô can easily drive a 10 penny nail. The aged hardwood handle is painted an eye-catching orange making it easy to find in a toolbox or on a job site. Next to the handle is a nail-puller situated to provide optimum leverage when pulling nails.


While constantly switching between a hammer and a scraper during renovation projects, long-time house painter, Bryan Wallace Cridlebaugh, saw the need for a scraper-hammer combination tool. "With the Scrammerô, I can scrape paint and pull or set nails as needed without switching tools. I'm confident that users will agree the Scrammerô outperforms any scraper on the market."

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